Wiring in Fulton, MO at AZZ Inc.

Date Posted: 2/28/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description


To install and wire the electrical components that are required to monitor, operate, and control metal clad switchgear.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (other duties may be assigned):

  1. Connects electrical wiring between components according to the wiring print, specification sheet, and Bill of Material using electrician’s hand tools such as screwdrivers, strippers, crimpers, etc.
  2. Prevents on-the-job injuries by attending safety meetings, fork lift training, wearing safety glasses, shields, steel-toed shoes and harnesses, etc.; cleaning work area; and maintaining awareness of hazmat manuals, ISO Standards, and safety stations.
  3. Crimps appropriate size and type of lugs to wire ends by using a hand crimping device.
  4. Installs electrical wiring, lugs, and assembles/installs components such as switches, heaters, and relays, bundle holders, clips and other apparatus in a frame, panel or other structural support according to design specifications.
  5. Lays out, routes, and ties wire to panels by using wiring bundles, bundle holders, clips, and bushings and other protectors with hand tools.
  6. Measures and cuts wire to accurate length by routing tape measure over wiring path and adding additional length for future connections.
  7. Positions, aligns, and adjusts wires and electrical parts to facilitate wiring and assembly of product.
  8. Wire current transformers, determining the polarity that is shown on the current transformer and the wire print and ensuring that the catalog number on the current transformer is the same as on the Bill of Material and the wired print.
  9. Attach wire labels.
  10. Levels and plumbs components and conduit by using tape measures and torpedo levels to ensure functionality and appearance.
  11. Drills, taps, reams, countersinks, and spot-faces bolt holes in parts, using drill presses and portable power drills.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES (list below, if applicable):



  1. Equipment Used: Electrician’s hand tools such as screwdrivers, strippers, crimpers, tape measure, etc
  2. Certificates, licenses, and registrations: Ability to obtain and maintain fork truck license if required.
  3. Knowledge/Skills:  Able to read tape measure and electrical point-to-point prints.  Must be trained in applicable SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and work instructions, if any.
  4. Education/Experience:  High school diploma or equivalency (GED) preferred, but not required
  5. Language Skills:  Able to read and comprehend simple or somewhat complex instructions.  Able to write notes or simple correspondence.  Able to effectively communicate information to coworkers
  6. Mathematical Skills:  Able to perform simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations using whole numbers as well as decimals/fractions.  Able to calculate and interpret common tape measurements.
  7. Reasoning Ability: Able to apply common sense understanding to carry out multiple-step instructions of moderate complexity.  Able to deal with standardized situations with a limited set of variables.
  8. Attendance Requirement:  Requires regular attendance during scheduled shift and overtime as required.
  9. Travel Requirement:  None
  10. Physical Demands:   Manufacturing position; spends more than 2/3 of time standing, kneeling/crouching/stooping, using hands, and reaching.  Spends app. 1/3 of time walking and  talking/hearing.  Spends less than 1/3 of time positioning items weighing up to 250 lbs.  (Lifting and moving of heavier items is achieved via overhead cranes and forklifts).  Generally requires clear vision at close distances (for reading prints/instructions and marking reference points
  11. Work Environment: Industrial manufacturing environment with loud noise level.  Facility is enclosed and is ventilated and heated, but is not air-conditioned.  More than 2/3 of time is spent near moving mechanical parts, in heat/humidity.  Steel toe shoes, safety eyewear, required.  Gloves, face-shield, and other PPE as needed. 


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